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We engage Businesses and Customers in more compliant and trustworthy digital transactions,​ through fluid, reliable, and easy customer experiences...

​…that’s our mission​.

Boost your onboarding processes with the most secure standards

We deliver in fully digital and automated fashion, without backstage human intervention, finding the formula to provide an excellent customer experience and engagement, solid risk reduction and cost control for companies.

Keydok services enable enhanced trust, anti-fraud, compliance, identity and customer journey through a proprietary digital orchestration platform for standard electronic signatures, identity validation procedures and document processing.

Aligned with international laws, regulations and standards for compliance , it applies a glocal approach for the automation of rules, procedures, and certifications to manage digital transactions in heavily-regulated emerging market environments.


Digital services have become utilities: signatures, emails, notifications, certifications, forms, interfaces, identifications, content, decisions, among others…

Keydok refines raw digital anything into business transactions​.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Employee Relationship Management

Fintech hub

Smart Document Stamp & E-delivery

Healthcare Information Exchange

Compliance Digital Vault

We are an American startup with international reach for Digital Transaction Enhancement. We take existing transactions and improve them with a platform for added trust, anti-fraud, compliance, identity validation, and legal standing.

A versatile and secure platform that enables companies and consumers to confidently engage in formal business relationships and agreements across multiple geographies, reducing the risk of fraud and non-compliance.

Multiple-use cases are implemented through its framework of APIs, micro-apps, mobile solutions, cloud vaults and portals, enabling customization in multiple geographies, industries and corporations.

Transaction Enhancement Blocks framework

For low-code modeling and management.

Enables customization in multiple use cases, geographies, industries and corporations.


  • Standard cryptographic certificates.
  • Electronic identity validation.
  • Dynamic workflows.
  • Digital records and document processing.

Powerful Data Management

Enables compliance and record safekeeping, which can be legally supported by keydok as a trusted third party.

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