Keydok accelerates legally-binding and compliant digitalization of payments, contracts, and any sort of document-based transaction

Functions as a one-stop-shop to configure, deploy, and maintain multi-platform and multi-cloud apps for mobile, web, desktop, and plug-in for online services.

The 5 key pillars of keydok services

Certified Identities and Signatures

Fortify the engagement with your customers and enable continuous monitoring for compliance.

Transaction Management including payments

Reduce the complexity of managing individual transactions and counterparts and scale your business.

Transaction Records securely stored in Document Vaults and Private Clouds

Establish a relationship based on certified records securely stored to maintain privacy.

End to End Traceability of Human and Machine Interaction

Each transaction is maped with evidence for each step and full auditable trace.

Flexibility, security and scalability

Quickly deploy low code multiplatform apps for mobile, web, and desktop or integrate your existing applications.

Certified Identities and Signatures

  • Manage electronic identity attributes, onboarding, KYC and KYV processes for compliance and business rule-based access.
  • Validate information in official identity sources and create tiered access to different services.
  • Enrich the identity model with new attributes and information as your business needs change over time.
  • Maintain a wallet of Electronic Signatures for different purposes abiding to local jurisdictions or international standards and laws.

Transaction Management including Payments

  • Model your business transactions form a drag and drop interface for simple flows of documents.
  • Model advance processes in BPM style and control business rules with DMN matrices.
  • Fully manage execution of transactions with a step by step monitoring.
  • Maintain, control and manage costs, as you define, hire and manage your counterparts.
  • Expand your business to other regions and countries by leveraging Keydok’s easy-to-configure platform.
  • Access through keydok network to our fintech partners for payment processing, Banks, MTOs, services, etc.), activate customizable processes and orchestrate end-to-end transactions.

Transaction Records securely stored in Document Vaults and Private Clouds

  • Leverage electronic signatures and stamps, QR Codes and Web Links for a better customer experience, while maintaining traceability and compliance features.
  • Comply with regulations and industry standards through pre-configured flows (like onboarding and identity validation).

End to End Traceability of Human and Machine Interaction

  • Transaction map, vaults for e-vouchers, identity certification and other binding electronic documents create total traceability and enable the discovery of previously-hidden patterns and trends.
  • Leverage the power of our graph-based database to customize Business Intelligence dashboards to your needs.
  • Integrate with AI solutions to develop innovative risk mitigation and compliance features.

Flexibility, security and scalability

  • Multi-app platform architecture, with separate repositories for identity, transactions and logs, enable scalability of operations and privacy of information compliance.
  • Deploy a full mobile app, or integrate into your existing application with ad-hoc look and feel, with minimum code (low-code) in a matter of weeks.

Keydok Network

Achieving local/regional compliance through certified partners.

Keydok Network is a curated ensemble of local and global parties connected through a controlled service, powerful cybersecurity and Distributed Ledger Technology, a trusted third-party that certifies and safekeeps all information, evidence and records related to an end-to-end transaction.

Through Keydok Network, we enable businesses to access the highest level of notarization/certification they require through our certified partners, addressing their needs in a convenient manner.


Identification, Authentication & Privacy Compliance

Risk control and mitigation subject to industry standards

Solutions by Industry

Keydok is a digital acceleration platform that offers a transaction-based processing service for Fintech, Healthcare, HR, and Vendor Management.

The solutions can be deployed as white label for mobile, web, desktop, and plug-in for online services.


e-wallet and payment switch with online onboarding and certified identities for KYC.


Patient and Clinical medical records for prescriptions, treatments and referrals at healthcare systems.


Vendor invoicing portal and contract management.


Employee file from hire to retire, including pay slip, credits, and compliance records.


It's "Transaction Enhancement Blocks"© framework produces micro-apps and records for several types of evidence:

Technology: Keydok Cloud Offer

Keydok Cloud: Digital Transaction Enhancement Suite

  • All Suite
  • Who is Who: UX & Automation
  • Records and Documents Process Orchestration
  • Risk, Control and Trust Evidence and Compliance
  • SaaS:
  • PaaS:



Electronic identity certification and records for individual and organizations, using phisical ID scanning, lifeproof, identifiers, device scanning, biometrics and connection to both private and public sources, federated ids and other methods.



Web and mobile application to create, upload, track and view documents from external sources and different formats.
Easy to design workflows for distribution, signatures, collection of information, and attachments, including image and video.



It generates and manages multiple levels of digital signatures, issuance of cryptographic certificates with local or global validity, biometrics, stamps and time stamps in conjunction with other trust services to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of transactions.



Automate the customer´s digital journey with easy to configure micro-apps for web and mobile, dynamic formats, documents and interaction with electronic systems and other apps, using the full power of our product suite.



Enable complex transactional flows in a fully configurable model, flows, connections, documents, formats and data structures.
Also interacts with people and digital services to obtain and validate information, collect signatures and automate process.



It records the traceability of transactions through network or graph data models, optimized for search and artificial intelligence. Through configurable models that allow automatic data classification and event registration for regulatory compliance and internal control.



Managed virtual private cloud service, dedicated instances of keydok technology, security management, and participants control, including systems, artificial intelligence agents, digital services, and users using keydok and third-party identities and signatures.



Hight-security safeguard for pieces of evidence and proof, records and relevant files, with advanced encryption.
Control schemes are determined by each user, from a single key to shared secrets and safekeeping under "Zero Trust" schemes.

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