Keydok Suite


Protect valuable business information as
unalterable Digital Assets, preventing fraud with
complete control of stakeholders.

What is Digital Assets about?

Create value by converting ordinary electronic content into digital assets by the processes for registration, certification, validation, and association of trust elements, ownership, and rights of access.

Extend the Asset attributes with national or regional legally binding services.

Store and use your assets in private vaults, private clouds, enterprise systems, or public blockchains.

Universal Wallet

The Universal Wallet is a solution that allows a user to keep their information available online and at the same time secure.

The Universal Wallet fulfills the following tasks:

  • Offer documentation and banking services in one place. In this way it is only necessary to maintain an information repository.
  • Allow the client to have access to said information from the same place and with the certainty that Keydok offers
  • Keep the information in the repository secure. Keydok’s security processes give the user certainty that the information is safe

The information currently available to save in the repository is as follows:

  • Important documentation
  • Credit cards

Dynamic form

In this block, information capture fields are defined to complete customer information. These fields allow the capture of any type of information, allowing validations to be made on the information entered. In addition, it allows the creation of forms to limit the options. Dynamic Form is easily configurable to add as many fields as required and at any time in the process where they are needed.

Availability: Global

Notification inbox

The notification inbox is an internal message tray of the application to which the user has access. Different types of notifications or messages defined by the client and triggered by predefined events within the application can be displayed in this tray.

Any event operated by a TBD can be the trigger for a notification and the message can be customized by the client, by type of event and by some other business rule.

With this tray you can maintain direct communication with the user without relying on external communication channels such as email and SMS messages.

Availability: Global

Notification management via phone and/or digital account

The Notification Block allows the application to manage the sending of messages through the digital means of contact that have been identified and validated with the information that was retrieved from the client from the onboarding.

Messages can be triggered under any defined business rule and the message is fully customizable by customer and by situation. In the case of email, you can also create an HTML template to visually adapt the content of the notification.

This block allows the business to maintain open communication towards the client, using a means that is also certified by the OTP process of onboarding.

Availability: Global

API data transform

The API Data Transform is a block that allows the integration of the application with other systems. (An API or “Application Programming Interface” is an application programming interface that allows integration between different applications). Through the use of defined protocols, it is possible to obtain information or make use of third-party services without the need for specialized technological developments. It also offers the ability to send information to APIs designed to receive this information.

Specifically, this block is designed to be able to make use of the vast majority of APIs available on the network that do not require any specialized element (sending or receiving proprietary files or particular security and communication protocols). In addition, this block is prepared to orchestrate its use within the application, keeping the APIs available at any time where it is needed by the system. 

The ability to use APIs increases the power of any system by facilitating integration between systems since most companies already have their services available through APIs and their implementation is only limited by the companies’ own business processes.

Availability: Global

API consumption

The consumption API is the support of the data transform API and its activity is related to the adaptation or transformation of the data that is sent to an API or that is received from one for consumption within the system.

Availability: Global

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