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Secure your digital interactions with
our Keydok Digital Trust solution.

What is Digital Trust about?

Access a wide range of trust-related mechanisms, such as:

Security controls

Key generation and management for security, identification, and signatures

User interface sandboxing

Decentralized functions

Identity validation from simple data capture to biometric authentication, verifications against official sources

ID and liveness check

Proof of Life is a way of using advanced artificial intelligence tools to perform facial recognition of an individual using their own mobile device.

Proof of Life is an important element in the fight against digital fraud. It offers companies that provide digital services a way to authenticate or verify a person’s identity.

This process is carried out by the Digital Transaction block of ID and Liveness check based on an official identification with a photograph to later determine if the face captured by the camera matches the identification.


The validation against the official identification depends on the credentials that we have configured, which are:


Phone and Digital account validation

The Phone and Digital account validation is the block that we use to perform the validation of the digital means of contact that currently have the greatest reach worldwide and represents the first point of contact with a client of the application that is being developed.

The validation of the means of contact is carried out in two steps. When the client provides their information, either by phone or email (depending on the needs of the business), the system sends an OTP (One Time Password), which is 6 digits sent that can only be used once. In the second step, the customer must retrieve those 6 digits and enter them into the application.

In this way, the block ensures that the data provided by the client and that it has access to the means it provided and thus increase the value of the data recovered.

Availability: Global


The profile is a digital account assigned to a client that allows him to access all the functionality and information that the system offers him.

This profile is validated through proof of life and the different anti-fraud security mechanisms that Keydok offers and, therefore, provides certainty in the operations carried out from this Profile.

The administration of the profile is in the Digital Transaction block Profile and the user can be offered all the benefits associated with his profile in any environment that makes use of this DTB.

Availability: Global

Password creation

In order to create user authentication mechanisms and allow access to the application, it is necessary to have the Password Creation block. This block is necessary to make use of the OAuth2 protocols and access tokens to identify the user and allow access to elements according to the credentials defined in the User Management. This block is the first security element since it allows the user to manage the access key to the application. The user is responsible for keeping this access key safe since it gives him all the privileges that his profile has.

The Password Creation block is important to maintain an optimal level of security in the application.

Availability: Global


Authentication is the ability to uniquely identify a user within a system or application.

This allows us to demonstrate that a user is really who said person claims to be, so that they can access their profile.

Authentication’s Digital Transaction Block can be integrated into any system and uses the same credentials regardless of where it is being invoked.

Availability: Global

Address management

Proof of address is a document that proves the residence or domicile of an individual or institution. This allows you to associate a profile or individual with a residence.

This proof is necessary in most transactions involving a contract between two entities to facilitate the physical location of one of the participants with an address.

Like Digital Transaction Block, Address Management allows you to upload the proof of address in the system, in such a way that it will remain associated with the customer’s profile.


The documents that the block has available to upload are the following:

CFE / Telmex

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