We create Trust in the digital world

With Keydok’s unique technology, we create trust to accelerate the digital transformation of companies and enable relations between businesses and their customers, vendors and third parties.

How do we create Trust in the digital world?

  • ✓ We set up a record of digital assets created over globally-accepted, fundamental principles of non-repudiation.
  • ✓ We classify and associate digital evidence automatically, including legal evidence of related interactions through all their stages.
  • ✓ We generate digital trust in a World interconnected between multiple services, both centralized and decentralized.

How do we help you?

Keydok offers a platform with a unique approach to cryptotechnology that provides digital trust services for identity validation, generation, exchange and monitoring of electronic documents and secure information, to enable secure operations and interactions within the digital universe.


How do we drive trust
between companies and customers?

With our 3 main products:

Keydok Smart ID

Non-fungible Identities

It performs everything from data capture to biometric authentication, verifications at official identity sources or even the issuance of cryptographic certificates for electronic signatures.

Such activities may be applied to/in:

Complies with applicable national and international regulations.
Perform customer onboarding faster and safer.
Identify irregular transactions involving more than one person or some of their attributes.

Keydok Files

NFF: Non-Fungible Files

It facilitates compliance and security in digital interactions through signature, security and trust mechanisms to track a document throughout its lifecycle, reducing friction and improving the user experience.

Deliver information at low cost, high speed and frictionless.
It generates digital and portable documents, valid outside the Keydok ecosystem.
Drive content for greater commercial reach.



The objective of the Carta Porte Supplement is to prove the possession of the goods/securities and provide data on their origin and destination, as well as regarding the means through which they are transported

Don’t just know your customers, trust them.


Don’t just know your
customers, trust them.

Reduce costs, and improve
the customer experience

Make it easy for people to
become your customers

Verify Users

Prevent fraud
before it happens

Pre-built integrations with
the applications you already use

Spend less time on slow,
legacy processes and more
on scaling your business

Maintain your processes
and business in compliance
with multiple regulations

Acquire and Verify
New Users with Confidence

Validate true identity
super fast, in real time



  • Open Source Platform
  • Keydok’s electronic signature belongs to the client or user who uses it. It is based on your identity.
  • Our identity elements are robust and complete. From data authentication to biometric validation, verification with official sources and generation of cryptographic certificates compatible with electronic signatures.
  • We centralize the authority that certifies all the processes, but we do it in a decentralized way, reaching all the countries and the laws and legality in each one of them. 
  • With Keydok you do not need lawyers or notaries to legitimize your participation in documents or contracts, this is due to the legal validity of our digital elements with complete equivalence to physical participation elements.
  • We are a platform called “One-Stop Shop”: we have an end-to-end process. From the simplest and/or most robust identity validation, to electronic signatures of all security levels.
  • Our compliance and security elements comply with the highest national and international standards.
  • We have scalability in any scenario.


  • Closed Solutions (old school)
  • The electronic signature is the provider’s property, not the client’s
  • Only basic identity elements (email and password)
  • There is no validation with authorities or any official sources. The only authority is the solution itself.
  • You need notaries or lawyers to legitimize all your digital signatures and interactions, since their participation elements are not legally binding.
  • For most solutions on the market, you either validate the identity correctly or sign electronically in an acceptable manner. They do not contemplate both worlds.
  • Local and not very robust security and compliance elements.
  • Most are little or not at all scalable


Complete life cycle: you create a document, sign a document and review the document with complete traceability of the process, you can review different versions of the same document, secure storage of these documents in the client’s digital vault or directly in Keydok into which only the client can access (in the cloud) so you have complete control over the entire process.



Why choose Keydok?

It provides flexibility to configure the platform to meet business needs and comply with applicable privacy and data protection regulations.
Enable business collaboration under a context that maintains the structure and tells the story of a transaction.
Enable more efficient and robust digital processes in weeks.
Customize transaction flows to fit business needs and improve the user experience through omnichannel access.



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Make it easy for people to become your customers


Our distinct but passionate group of designers, engineers, and professionals with experience in the Latam markets and multiple regulated environments; together in our mission to make it easy, fast and secure for LatinAmericans companies to boost the digital trust and engage with more customers, reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving the user experience

They make all this possible

Sharath Dorbala

Serial startup breeder

Miguel Hernández

Vision vanguardist and co founder

Andreina Gonzalez

Groundbreaker leader and cofounder

Veronica Díaz

Customer Success Enthusiast

Viviana Candiales

Product trailblazer

Gustavo Candiales

Passionate creator

Kelcey Guillén

Tech boundaries pusher

Federico Lamicq

Irresistible Sales Leader

Francisco Caballero

Security and compliance innovator

Alejandra Stenger

Clockwork leader


Skilled and resourceful multi-disciplinary team members


Our mission is to make it easy, fast and secure for LatinAmericans companies to boost the digital trust and engage with more customers, reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving the customer experience in the process.

We seek digital inclusion by solving two common problems for digital migrants and startups:

Digital identity and engagement
Sharing immutable Information.

Why are we important to your company?

Companies are increasingly interacting with their customers in vital ways:

On multiple channels that they don’t necessarily control
With tools from your customers or third parties
The management of multiple mechanisms to generate evidence and trust
Compliance with strict rules and regulations

And in each of these points, we are experts and offer tools to help carry them out.

Let’s start working on digital trust

Contact us and let’s revolutionize the way people will trust your company.

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